Treasury Management



Make invoice payments directly to your vendor’s checking account and provide remittance advice electronically

APSolutions®1 is a web-based card management and reporting system that can offer your business a better way to integrate card payments into your accounts payable process. This state-of-the-art payables processing system will allow you to pay invoices more efficiently; have better control of your cash flow; and provide your vendors with reporting that enhances their posting process. Best of all, your day-to-day accounts payable operations will remain the same. AP Solutions


As an APSolutions customer, you will benefit from:

  • Real-time control of commercial card spending;
  • A more automated and streamlined accounts payable process;
  • Reduced costs due to fewer checks and more electronic payments;
  • Improved spending oversight;
  • Exceptional on-demand reporting; and
  • Secure payments that fit your company’s business rules with less risk of fraud.

Deposit Pay
This push payment solution is an enhancement of typical electronic payment programs, providing detailed invoice information to your vendor, payment notification by email, and customized reporting features to simplify analysis. You control when the payment is made and your vendor receives prompt and secure payment. With Deposit Pay, a special Visa or MasterCard account is created to be used by the vendor to accept electronic payments from your business. After you have approved an invoice, our integrated software generates an electronic payment and funds are automatically deposited into the vendor’s checking account. The vendor is notified that the transaction is complete and the funds are available. There is no need to process the transaction as all the work is done for you. The process is quick, easy, and secure. Your vendor can enroll in this automated payment method even if they already accept Visa or MasterCard.

No-Hassle Vendor Enrollment – We’ll Take Care of it All

  • You provide the vendors you want to include.
  • We will contact each vendor by mail on your behalf. This communication will include information about the new payment program and the simple online enrollment process.
  • Up to three (3) follow-up calls will be made to your vendor to encourage enrollment.
  • We will answer questions and assist your vendors with enrollment.
  • Periodically, we will review your vendor list with you to add new participants.

Because APSolutions integrates smoothly with existing accounts payable systems, it’s easy for your company to make the transition. Our Commercial Card Sales Representatives will work with you to determine if APSolutions is a good fit for your company. Dedicated Enrollment Specialists are available to help you determine which of your vendors can benefit from the program. They take on the task of working directly with your vendors to encourage participation and help them enroll in the program.

1) Subject to credit approval